Patrol, Specialty, and Dedicated Donor Aircraft
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Retired Sub Hunter
SP-2H, BuNO 148340, as she appeared during April, 2006. She would be scrapped by a local yard during 2011.
GA Air Nat'l Guard
U.S. Army OV-1D, serial 68-15955, as she appeared during April, 2016.
Faded Skymaster
Cessna O-2A, AF serial 68-10971, as seen during April, 2016.
Ex-Hurricane Hunter
NP-3D, BuNo 149674, as seen during November, 2013.
EA-3B, BuNo 144849
Electronic warfare version of the A-3 Skywarrior.
Future Drone
RF-4C, serial 67-0428, as she appeared during October, 2002. She would be converted to QRF-4C configuration and shot down ten years later.
Group of Vikings
S-3B, BuNo 160140, as seen during November, 2014. She had already been in storage for over seven years by the time this photo was taken.
Midway Eyes in the Sky
August, 2002, photo of E-2B, BuNo 151720, which last served aboard the Midway with VAW-115 prior to her arrival for storage during December, 1985.
190th TRS Phantom
RF-4C, serial 67-0453, as seen during November, 2000, nine years after her arrival from the Idaho ANG, and a little less than eight years before she would depart for conversion to QRF configuration.
NAS Norfolk Aircraft
US-2D, BuNo 147877, arrived for storage during May, 1967. By the time this November, 2014, photo was taken she had been in a local yard for 38 years.
Waiting for Attention
By the time I took this photo of 163292 during November, 2013, this P-3C had been waiting about a month-and-a-half to be processed into storage.
WB-57F, serial 63-13301, was previously RB-57A, serial 52-1432, before her conversion to RB-57F configuration and ultimately re-designation to WB-57F. She's been in storage since December, 1973.
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