Patrol, Specialty, and Dedicated Donor Aircraft
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Test Bed Stratotanker
NKC-135A, serial 55-3127, as seen during April, 2016. She would be scrapped in November, 2018.
Raytheon DC-10
DC-10-10, registration N910SF (ex-USAF 99-0910), was previously owned by Raytheon until sent for storage during April, 2012. This photo was taken 31 months later. She would be scrapped approximately a year later.
Navy Stratotanker
October, 2000, photo of NKC-135A, BuNo 553134 (a converted USAF serial number). She arrived during February, 1996, from Fleet Tactical Readiness Group (FTRG) where it served in the Electronic Warfare Training role.
Ready to Fly Again
2006 view of P-3B, BuNo 152747, undergoing regeneration prior to FMS sale to Greece.
ES-3A, BuNo 159419, in storage during March, 2000. This VQ-6 aircraft had been in storage about ten months when this photo was taken.
Douglas Skywarriors
A line-up of Douglas A-3 models seen during April, 2006. Front right is TA-3B, BuNo 144866, which was scrapped during May, 2012. Behind her is TA-3B, BuNo 144857, which was scrapped nearly 2.5 years after this photo was taken.
Retired Sub Hunter
SP-2H, BuNO 148340, as she appeared during April, 2006. She would be scrapped by a local yard during 2011.
GA Air Nat'l Guard
U.S. Army OV-1D, serial 68-15955, as she appeared during April, 2016.
Faded Skymaster
Cessna O-2A, AF serial 68-10971, as seen during April, 2016.
Ex-Hurricane Hunter
NP-3D, BuNo 149674, as seen during November, 2013.
EA-3B, BuNo 144849
Electronic warfare version of the A-3 Skywarrior.
Future Drone
RF-4C, serial 67-0428, as she appeared during October, 2002. She would be converted to QRF-4C configuration and shot down ten years later.
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