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Death From Below



Have you ever wondered what really happens aboard United States nuclear submarines?  It's not as serious and professional as you might think, nor as the Navy's public affairs office would like to portray. 

Submarines glide along on their dangerous missions, their crews performing difficult tasks under arduous conditions. The mystique associated with these boats is evidenced by the number of movies and television shows dedicated to the subject. But nowhere else will you find the lighter side of submarine operations - childish pranks, retrieving lost sailors, and even humorous episodes involving the father of the nuclear Navy, Admiral Rickover. Within this series of books are humorous short stories brought directly from inside American submarines. They reflect the "work hard, play hard" attitude of sailors of the silent service.

This book will make you laugh from start to finish!


I laughed until my sides hurt!

William L.


Excellent book! This author wrote a hilarious book that any submariner and their families would thoroughly enjoy. Can't imagine anyone not liking this!

Barbara M.

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