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1-230th Air Cav
OH-58D, serial 91-00563, seen not long after arrival at the boneyard during November, 2015. By October of the following year she'd be scrapped.
Eglin ADTC Huey
UH-1P, serial 63-13146, as she appeared during April, 2016. She'd been in storage since December, 1973, and remains so as of the date of this post.
HMA-773 Cobra
AH-1J, as seen during April, 2013.
Teddy Roosevelt Seahawks
HH-60H, BuNo 165115, sits next to another H-model Seahawk, BuNo 165256, on the process ramp waiting their turn for preservation. Photo from April, 2016.
Retired Jolly Green Giant
Dramatic early morning light shines on HH-3E, serial 65-12780, during November, 2015. She was scrapped in February, 2019.
RH-53D, BuNo 158749, as seen in a local scrap/salvage yard immediately after her departure from storage during October, 2002.
HC-1 Sea King
Sikorsky SH-3G, BuNo 149930. Photo from November, 2007.
HC-9 Sea King
Sikorsky HH-3A, BuNo 149682, from Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 9 (HC-9) sits next to a sister aircraft in this late 2006 photograph. She'd been in storage since May, 1990, and would depart in May, 2011, owned by Carson Helicopters.
USMC Heavy Lifter
CH-53D, BuNo 157931, from November, 2002.
Tennesee Army Guard
OH-58D, serial 96-0113, sits next to a few of her sister aircraft just after arrival at AMARG. Not much had been done by this point other than to stencil her type and serial on the side of the aircraft, but she would find her way into storage soon enough. Photo from November, 2015.
Cocooned Huey
UH-1P, serial 63-13160, as seen during April, 2016. She was last stationed at George AFB, CA, with the 35th TFW in the target range support role. In May, 2017, she was removed after 37 years in storage to be displayed at Aviation Heritage Park, Bowling Green, KY.
Ready For Sale
SH-3H, BuNo 149713, as seen during October, 2002. Given the date, this is likely the Western International yard.
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