Fighter, Strike Fighter, Interceptor, and Derivative Aircraft

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F/A-18C, BuNo 163777, as she appeared during late 2014.
F-16 Carnage
On the left is F-16B, serial 79-0418. On the right is F-16B, serial 82-1036. Both have seen better days. Also visible in the middle is the tail of F-16B, serial 80-0625.
North Dakota ANG
F-16A, serial 82-0961, sits near a row of T-38s in this November, 2015, shot.
159th Fighter Squadron
Florida ANG F-15C, serial 78-0491, as seen in storage during late 2015, next to F-15C, serial 84-0012, an operational test and evaluation aircraft out of Eglin AFB, FL.
171st FIS, MI ANG
F-4D, serial 66-0243, as seen during late 2015. She would cease to exist by May of the following year.
F-16A, serial 81-0804, arrived for storage during January, 2005. She is still there as of the date of this post.
Future Drone
Nearest the camera is F-4E, serial 68-0511, seen during August, 2002. She would be regenerated during May, 2005, be converted to QF-4E configuration, and be expended during July, 2014.
VMFA-134 Hornet
F/A-18A, BuNo 161753, as seen during November, 2013. Just less than five years later she would be scrapped.
Fighters and Bombers
B-1s in the distance sit behind a row of F/A-18s seen through F/A-18A, BuNo 162420, (far left), F/A-18A, BuNo 162460, (far right), and F/A-18A, BuNo 163118 (just left of center), in this April, 2013, photo.
Sad Collection
F-4s on the right, F-14s on the left, and C-5s in the middle, in this late 2006 shot.
VFA-151 Hornet
F/A-18C, BuNo 164713, as she appeared during November, 2014. She would return to service the following year.
New Jesey Air Guard
F-16C, serial 85-1500, undergoing regeneration prior to conversion to QF configuration during November, 2013.
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