Fighter, Strike Fighter, Interceptor, and Derivative Aircraft

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Embargoed Falcon
Pakistani embargoed F-16B serial 92-0456 sits on the ramp in late 2002, a few months before being pressed into service with the USAF at Edwards AFB, CA.
Navy and Marine Phantoms
August, 2002, photo of F-4Ns, BuNo 150430 (left) and 150438 (right), sitting at the head of a pair of short rows of Phantom IIs. Both would be scrapped a little more than two years later.
Illinois ANG
Peoria-based F-16A, serial 80-0548, in storage during November, 2015.
2nd Fighter Squadron
Previously based at Tyndall AFB, FL, F-15D, serial 82-0045, is seen in this November, 2015 photo.
111th FIS Phantom II
F-4D, serial 65-0635, as she was seen during April, 2016, just one year prior to her scrapping.
Regenerating a Falcon
F-16B, serial 92-0456 (ex-Pakistan AF 94622), as she appeared during October, 2002. She would return to service during April, 2003 after nearly nine years in storage.
Hawiian Eagle
F-15C, serial 81-0025, as seen during November, 2013.
Indonesia Bound
F-16C, serial 84-1235, in a shipping fixture during April, 2016, prior to regeneration and FMS to Indonesia.
199th Fighter Squadron
F-15A, serial 77-0079, was a Hawaii ANG bird before her retirement from Hickam AFB. She arrived during May, 2009, and remains in storage as of the date of this post. Photo from November, 2013.
89th Fighter Squadron Falcon
F-16A, serial 78-0024, as seen during November, 2015. She had been in storage for 21 years when this photo was taken.
JZ-coded Eagle
F-15C, serial 79-0037, as seen during November, 2013. She was a 122nd Fighter Squadron aircraft until her retirement 37 months earlier.
Minnesota Air Guard
F-4D, serial 65-0629, was a Minnesota ANG 179th FIS aircraft until her arrival for storage during July, 1990. By August, 2015, she'd been scrapped at a local yard. Photo from November, 2014.
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