USS Constellation - 1966


Photos taken aboard the Constellation during a deployment in 1966.  Note the use of the short-lived dark camo paint job on many of the aircraft.

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RA-5C on short final.

RA-5C goes around.

VF-161 F-4B Phantom II, BuNo 152304, comes aboard USS Constellation (CV-64) during her first visit to the South China Sea. This aircraft was lost to a MiG-17 on Nov 19, 1967 (during Constellation's second visit to the area).

E-2A Hawkeye, BuNo 151723, taxies aboard USS Constellation (CV-64). Also pictured: RA-5C (149294), F-4B (150477), and F-4B (152315 - lost Sep 19, 1966). In this busy picture, there are five F-4s, eight, A-4s, five A-6s, and one each A-5 and E-2.

A-4E, BuNo 152068, about to catch the wire. This aircraft would be lost during a takeoff accident at Chu Lai during 1968 with the loss of the pilot.

A-4E, BuNo 151084, prior to launch.

A-6A, BuNo 151824, having just released the arresting wire begins to taxi to parking. After conversion to KA-6D configuration, this aircraft was lost in 1975 while operating from USS Midway.

A-6A, BuNo 151826, sits behind the blast shield as another Intruder launches for a mission over South Vietnam. F-4s sit along the starboard cat as A-4s wait their turn to take off.

Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 1 SH-2F Seasprite, BuNo 149744, lifts off. This aircraft would be lost during 1984 while operating from USS Vogue, FF1047. To the right are four McDonnell Douglas A-4 Skyhawks, ready to launch. Visible are: A-4E BuNo. 151054, and A-4E BuNo. 152068 (lost during takeoff accident, May 24, 1968), and two unidentified earlier models of the Skyhawk.