Transport, Cargo, Trainer, and Derivative Aircraft

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Scooter Trainer
TA-4J, BuNo 158527, as she appeared during the Spring of 2014.
Reclaimed Looking Glass
April, 2016, saw EC-135C, serial 63-8047, in pretty rough shape. Her destruction would follow approximately four months later.
Military Lears
Both of these C-21s, 84-0092 (left) and 84-0107 (right) arrived during September, 2011. Note the damaged nose on 0107. Photo from April, 2016.
Tired Liftmaster
C-118B, BuNo 131601, seen during November, 2002. During her career she also served the USAF for a short period as 51-17650.
Water Wagon Tanker
KC-135A, serial 62-3560, as seen during April, 2016.
Howard AFB Spartan
C-27A, serial 91-0103, sitting inside the HVF West lot during October, 2002. She would remain for another eleven years, or so, before scrapping.
Short Time Visitor
C-141B, 65-0269, as seen during November, 2000, just six months after her arrival for storage. By March of 2004 she would be scrapped.
Ramstein Herc
C-130E, serial 70-1271, as seen during September, 2009, just two months after her arrival for storage.
VT-86 Sabreliner
North American T-39N, BuNo 165510, as seen during April, 2016. She last served with Training Squadron 86 out of NAS Pensacola, FL, before her arrival during July, 2014.
Not Much Left
The vertical stab of C-135E, serial 60-0376, lies on the ground next to the aircraft during April, 2016. She would be scrapped a month later.
Starlifter and Stratotankers
Late 2002 photo of a series of tails starting with C-141B, serial 65-9403, which entered storage during June, 2000, and was broken up for scrap a little over three years later. Also pictured is KC-135A, serial 56-3620, as well as nine other Stratotankers.
150th ARS Tanker
Previously stationed at McGuire AFB, NJ, is KC-135E, serial 59-1485, as seen in the early morning on a bright day in April, 2009.
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