Transport, Cargo, Trainer, and Derivative Aircraft

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November, 2014, nose shot of KC-135E, serial 58-0003. She had been in storage nearly seven-and-a-half years by this time. To the best of my ability to tell, she's still waiting her turn for whatever comes next.
Pensacola Buckeye
T-2C, BuNo 157063, as she appeared during 2000 after spending eight years in storage. She would likely undergo inspection during this period at which point she was returned to storage, where she remains as of the date of this post.
Galaxies and Eagles
NYANG C-5A, serial 70-0464, is seen behind FLANG F-15A, serial 76-0033 and a row of fuel tanks, and in front of two other Galaxies including 69-0001.
Tweets and Eagles
Three T-37s sit near multiple rows of early F-15s.
911th Airlift Wing Herc
C-130H, serial 78-0810, had arrived only seven months before I took this April, 2016, photograph. City of Pittsburgh last flew for the 758th Airlift Squadron. She remains in storage as of the date of this post.
Lots of Tails
August, 2002, view of C-141B, serial 65-9403, sitting next to KC-135A, serial 56-3620, along with various other marks of 135s.
Lineup of 135s
A row of Air National Guard Stratotankers, from front to back: R-model 62-3520 (New Hampshire), and E-models 63-8060, 63-8058, and 63-8059 (Kansas), 58-0078 (New Jersey), and in the distance Air Force Reserve Command 58-0064 (40th ARW). April, 2016, photo.
Navy Samaritan
August, 2002, view of C-131F, BuNo 141003. Looks like she departed the yard in 2012 for additional storage at a nearby civilian organization (Aircraft Restoration and Marketing).
920th ARS
April, 2016, photo of the nose of KC-135A, serial 56-3633. This McGuire AFB Stratotanker was scrapped about a year-and-a-half later.
Training Squadron 35
TC-12B Huron, BuNo 161201, was made "Safe for MX" on Sep 15, 2015, the day before she was officially accepted into AMARG. She's seen in this Nov 20th photo still waiting her turn for preservation.
VIP Transport
Boeing C-22A, serial 84-0193, was an FAA flight inspection aircraft before being acquired by the USAF. She remains in storage as of the date of this post.
Historic Airliner
Boeing 727, registration N7004U, as seen during late 2002, was the first of her type delivered to a customer. She was set aside at the boneyard for the Smithsonian NASM and acquired by the Pima Air and Space Museum in 2011.
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