Bomber and Attack Aircraft

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Stored Tank Killers
A-10A, serial 78-0656, sit's next to a sister aircraft in this November, 2015, photo.
Naval Air Test Center A-7E, BuNo 160565, as she appeared during November, 2014. By this time she had spent nearly 23 years (22 years, nine months to be exact) in storage and would be scrapped approximately three-and-a-half years later.
Barksdale BUFF
Late-2013 photos of B-52H, serial 60-0019.
Three EB-57s
From right to left: 52-1511, 52-1545, and 52-1564. All B-models.
Davis-Monthan-based Hog
355th TFW OA-10A, serial 80-0236, as seen during November, 2015.
Grumman Iron
2014 photo of A-6E, BuNo 157021. Looks like she was scrapped in late 2015.
New Kid in Town
B-1B, serial 84-0050, just after her arrival during October, 2002.
354th Fighter Wing
A-10A, serial 78-0675, as she was seen during November, 2013. She arrived in August, 1992, and whatever is left of her remains as of the date of this post.
Trainer and Attack Aircraft
2009 photo of AT-38B, serial 62-3738, which last served at Holloman AFB, NM.
B-52G, serial 58-0166, as seen during April, 2016. She served with the 2nd Bomb Wing until her retirement during December, 1992.
A-10A, serial 78-0656, as seen during November, 2015. She was a 356th Fighter Squadron aircraft out of Myrtle Beach AFB, SC, until her retirement during September, 1992.
Fading Away
A close-up of the tail of OA-10A, serial 78-0686, from November, 2014. While serving with the 354th TFW during the Gulf War, she suffered battle damage to her vertical stabilizer. The aircraft would be retired 18 months later during July, 1992. She remains in storage as of the date of this post.
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