Bomber and Attack Aircraft

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MA ANG Warthog
A-10A, serial 78-0603, in storage during November, 2013.
First Strike Eagle
The first F-15E, serial 86-0183, as seen in storage on Celebrity Row during November, 2015.
VMA-124 Skyhawk
A-4M, BuNo 160261, as she appeared during November, 2014. She arrived during December, 1989, and is still in storage at the time of this post.
Stored Intruder
A-6E, BuNo 155656, as she appeared in early 2013. She would be scrapped in late 2015.
Late-2013 view of B-52G, serial 57-6473. She was placed in storage during February, 1993, and remains there as of the date of this post.
Intruders & a Prowler
A-6E, BuNo 156996, sits to the left of EA-6B, BuNo 159585, which sits to the left of A-6E, BuNo 155703, in this September, 2009, photo. Both of the Intruders have been scrapped, while the Prowler is still in storage.
NAS Miramar Skyhawk
A-4F, BuNo 155018, as she appeared during April, 2016, nearly 22 years after she arrived for storage.
358th FS Warthog
A-10C, serial 80-0274, sits on the ramp on the south side of the maintenance shelter in this November, 2013, photo.
Stored Tank Killers
A-10A, serial 78-0656, sit's next to a sister aircraft in this November, 2015, photo.
Naval Air Test Center A-7E, BuNo 160565, as she appeared during November, 2014. By this time she had spent nearly 23 years (22 years, nine months to be exact) in storage and would be scrapped approximately three-and-a-half years later.
Barksdale BUFF
Late-2013 photos of B-52H, serial 60-0019.
Three EB-57s
From right to left: 52-1511, 52-1545, and 52-1564. All B-models.
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