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I am a 21-year veteran of the U.S. Submarine Service.  During my Navy days, I served aboard USS Jacksonville, SSN-699, USS George Washington Carver, SSBN-656 (Gold), USS Pasadena, SSN-752, and USS Norfolk, SSN-714.  I was aboard Jacksonville during her collision with a Turkish freighter in 1982, and in a cruel twist of fate got assigned to her again as my final boat - following the Norfolk - and was aboard for another collision in 1996.

In addition to my submarine background I'm a private pilot, aviation photographer, and I work in the aviation industry at Pratt & Whitney.  If you know aviation, you know that company.  I lead the F135 JSF engine training program there.



Writing these books came as something of an accident.  I didn't "get the bug" to write.  Instead, I just started writing down thoughts about my submarine career, which eventually became the backbone for Death From BelowBoneyard Almanac (all four volumes) came into being as a byproduct of my aviation photography.  After numerous visits to Davis-Monthan AFB, I suddenly had a few thousand photos along with a desire to share them.


I hope you enjoy all five!

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