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I'm routinely contacted by veterans, other folks, and organizations concerning whether I have a photo of a specific type of aircraft.  I'm also asked if I have a shot of a specific aircraft tail number.  When I receive these enquiries, I dutifully look to see if that aircraft exists in my collection of shots from the yard that date from the late 1960s through 2016.  So, in July of 2018, I embarked on a cataloging effort to list every type and tail number in my collection.  From that exercise resulted a PDF document that you may download or open in your browser.

The list is sorted by general aircraft family type, then serial/BuNo, then date.  I generated the list in MS Excel, so getting the aircraft types to sort correctly required an odd configuration.  For instance, if you're looking for A-4 Skyhawks, you must seek "A-004" and B-1 entries are entered as "B-001."  A-4s of all types, including TA-4s, are all categorized as A-004.  EF-111s are categorized as F-111.  Stratotankers of all types are categorized as C-135.  All helicopters start with H, not UH, HH, or SH.  I did this to keep similar aircraft types together and simplify your search.  You get the idea.

Veterans:  If your old aircraft is on the list, I'll be happy to send you a modest-size photo via email free of charge.  The photo will have a mark on it similar to the pictures you see in the photo galleries.  You will have the right to post this photo, unedited, to online locations like Facebook.  Please do not provide it to commercial sites.  A photo credit something along the lines of "Photo courtesy Del Laughery" would be nice if you happen to think about it.

Collectors, authors, veterans seeking larger photos, and those looking to use the image commercially, will need a license from me.  The fee for that license will be based on how you intend to use the photo and the size of the file (measured in pixels wide X pixels high). 


Both groups should use the Contact link to start the process.  Please provide the aircraft type and serial/BuNo in the message.

Version 13, dated December 3, 2023
with 9,006 entries (+263 entries from version 12)
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