Older Photos (Pre-2000)

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S-2 Prior to Export
Tail close-up of S-2G, BuNo 152807, in storage during March, 1977. She would be acquired by the Australian MOD in May of the same year and would fly for that service until withdrawn during December, 1984.
Recently Arrived Skyhawk
A-4L, BuNo 145128, seen during July, 1976, soon after her arrival for storage sporting a hastily applied PCN of 3A503. Pilot's name stenciled on the fuselage is LCDR Gene Reiber.
363rd TRW Destroyer
October, 1976, photo of WB-66D, serial 55-0395. This aircraft spent two periods of storage in the boneyard before being donated to the Pima Air and Space Museum, which was where this photo was taken. Scan from my original 35mm slide.
Aeronautical Systems Division Herc
Lockheed DC-130A, serial 56-0527, as she appeared during September, 1989, a little more than three years after her arrival for her second period of storage.
191st ARS
November, 1981, photo of Utah ANG KC-97L, serial 52-0883. She would depart storage one year later and eventually find her way to the civil registry as N39178 with Stratolift Inc. out of Anchorage, AK. The reg would be cancelled in 2012.
22nd Bomb Wing BUFF
B-52D, serial 55-0076, seen in storage during the early 1980s. Like most of the D-model Stratofortress fleet, she would see scrapping during the mid-1990s.
RVAW-110 Tracer
Grumman E-1B, BuNo 148131, seen during November, 1976, about three-and-a-half years after her arrival for storage. She would be acquired by a local yard by October, 1982.
New Arrivals
June, 1976, photo of RF-101C, serial 56-0199, as viewed beneath the tail of AC-130A, serial 56-0040. By the time this photo was taken, the 101s had been onsite for a few months, while the 130 had just arrived.
Niagara Falls Phantom
F-4D, serial 65-0752, on the arrival ramp during May, 1988, in the very early stages of the storage process. The only visible evidence of any activity by the AMARC staff is the application of PCN FP101.
NH-Coded Tracker
November, 1995, view of S-2G, BuNo 152345. She would leave in early 2000 destined to fight wild fires for the United States Forest Service.
Vermont ANG Delta Dagger
Convair F-102A, serial 57-0852, previously with the 134th FIS out of Burlington, VT, is seen in storage during November, 1976. She would depart in the early 80s for conversion to PQM-102B configuration.
October, 1992
A mishmash of stored aircraft - A-17, A-10, and OV-10 - are visible in this aerial photo.
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