Older Photos (Pre-2000)

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Army National Guard
Georgia ARNG OV-1B, serial 62-5882, as she appeared during November, 1986. She was a 158th Military Intelligence Battalion until her retirement during October, 1985.
Golden Gators Skyhawk
A-4C, BuNo 145064 served Marine Attack Squadron 133 (VMA-133) before retirement in March, 1971. She is pictured in storage during November, 1981.
Tulsa-Based Corsair II
Oklahoma ANG A-7K, serial 80-0294, as she appeared during October, 1995. She would transfer to USN control during 2001, and then be scrapped by mid-2012.
Coast Guard Pelican
HH-3F, CG Serial 1435, as she was seen during October, 1992, about three months after her arrival for storage.
Classics in Storage
This is an October, 1981, view of F-4N, BuNo 150484, which is sitting next to F-105D, serial 60-0525, which in turn sits next to a pair of South Dakota ANG F-100s (F-100D, serial 55-3727, and F100D, serial 56-3295) Scan from my original 35mm negative.
Experimental Prowler
EA-6B, BuNo 158542, was a heavily modified aircraft known as the
Advanced Capabilities (ADVCAP) Prowler, which arrived for storage during September, 1994.
Arkansas ANG
F-4C, serial 63-7542, as seen during September, 1989, some 14 months after her arrival for storage. She would be scrapped in early 1997.
Army Liason Aircraft
Ex-Minnesota Army National Guard U-8D, serial 56-3705, was retired during February, 1979. This is how she appeared during November, 1981.
High Altitude Weather Recon
March, 1976, photo of WB-57F, serial 63-13502.
HVF West
October, 1994, photo of the HVF West yard located on the SW perimeter of the boneyard.
35th TFW Wild Weasel
Photographed soon after her arrival for storage is F-105G, serial 63-8266, sitting next to another G-model, 63-8305. Note, also, the tail of DP-2H, BuNo 148343, visible beneath the nose of 8266. Finally, also note the OV-10A visible behind 8266. Photo from July, 1980.
VMA-542 Harrier
AV-8C, BuNo 158973, sat for a time on Celebrity Row, and is pictured there in this April, 1995, photo.
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