Older Photos (Pre-2000)

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Army Liason Aircraft
Ex-Minnesota Army National Guard U-8D, serial 56-3705, was retired during February, 1979. This is how she appeared during November, 1981.
High Altitude Weather Recon
March, 1976, photo of WB-57F, serial 63-13502.
HVF West
October, 1994, photo of the HVF West yard located on the SW perimeter of the boneyard.
35th TFW Wild Weasel
Photographed soon after her arrival for storage is F-105G, serial 63-8266, sitting next to another G-model, 63-8305. Note, also, the tail of DP-2H, BuNo 148343, visible beneath the nose of 8266. Finally, also note the OV-10A visible behind 8266. Photo from July, 1980.
VMA-542 Harrier
AV-8C, BuNo 158973, sat for a time on Celebrity Row, and is pictured there in this April, 1995, photo.
VP-68 Sub Hunter
P-3A, BuNo 151389, shares the boneyard ramp with another Orion as well as numerous other types in this October, 1995, photo. By this time frame she was being prepared for sale to Greece.
Connecticut ANG 118th FS
F-102A, serial 56-1266, as she appeared during October, 1979.
Engine-less Tanker
KA-3B, BuNo 138905, as she appeared during April, 1977, having last served with Heavy Attack Squadron 123 (VAH-123) through July, 1970.
13 Months Before Scrapping
7th BW B-52D, serial 55-0101, as seen during January, 1994.
Interesting Future
C-123K, serial 54-0677, as she appeared during August, 1983. She would eventually be registered as N677DG, and then XA-SNB. The aircraft was lost in an accident in Mexico in 1996 that resulted in the death of all five on board.
5th FIS
F-106A, serial 56-0461, as seen during April, 1995. She would not be converted to QF configuration, and would instead be restored, repainted as 57-0231, and placed on display at KI Sawyer AFB, MI.
MA ANG Delta Dart
101st FIS F-106A, serial 57-2506, in storage during October, 1988.
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