Older Photos (Pre-2000)

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Ex-Blue Angels Tiger
November, 1976, photo of F-11A, BuNo 141853, sitting next to B-52E, serial 57-0106. 141853 was an ex-Blue Angels aircraft that was sent to the boneyard during 1969. By 1973 it had been regenerated, along with sister aircraft 141824, to participate in in-flight thrust control tests. It would return to the yard by January, 1975. The BUFF would be scrapped in the mid-90s while the Tiger would make it to Pima ASM during early 1981, and eventually be passed on to the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum.
Stored BUFFs
B-52Gs sit next to destroyed earlier models in this October, 1994, view.
H&MS-24 Bronco
OV-10A, BuNo 155489, arrived for storage during June, 1976. This photo was taken in August of the same year with her recently applied PCN of 1V013. She would return to service during January, 1978, and remain there until April, 1993, returning to storage as a D-model
BB-Coded Talon
January, 1999, photo of 49th Fighter Wing T-38A, serial 64-13190, which had been in storage since April, 1996. She remains in storage as of the date of this post.
Ellsworth AFB Buffs
Seen about 10-and-a-half years after her arrival for storage is B-52C, serial 54-2665, in this November, 1981, photo. She was previously a 28th BW aircraft and would be scrapped on-site during November, 1993. Also note the tail of C-model serial 54-2669, also from the 28th BW, who would meet her fate two months before 2665.
McChord AFB Starlifter
1999 photo of C-141B, serial 66-7958.
F-101s and RF-101s as seen in early 1974. Tails visible: 59-0403, 59-0447, 56-0294, and 59-0443.
Field of P-3s
Various Orions in storage during October, 1995.
Staying Upright to the Last
If you're an F-4 fan, this picture will cut you to the bone. This is F-4D, serial 66-7515, after the indignity of some attention by the scrapper. Photo from May, 1998. Scan from my original 35mm slide.
Army National Guard
Georgia ARNG OV-1B, serial 62-5882, as she appeared during November, 1986. She was a 158th Military Intelligence Battalion until her retirement during October, 1985.
Golden Gators Skyhawk
A-4C, BuNo 145064 served Marine Attack Squadron 133 (VMA-133) before retirement in March, 1971. She is pictured in storage during November, 1981.
Tulsa-Based Corsair II
Oklahoma ANG A-7K, serial 80-0294, as she appeared during October, 1995. She would transfer to USN control during 2001, and then be scrapped by mid-2012.
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