Older Photos (Pre-2000)

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13 Months Before Scrapping
7th BW B-52D, serial 55-0101, as seen during January, 1994.
Interesting Future
C-123K, serial 54-0677, as she appeared during August, 1983. She would eventually be registered as N677DG, and then XA-SNB. The aircraft was lost in an accident in Mexico in 1996 that resulted in the death of all five on board.
5th FIS
F-106A, serial 56-0461, as seen during April, 1995. She would not be converted to QF configuration, and would instead be restored, repainted as 57-0231, and placed on display at KI Sawyer AFB, MI.
MA ANG Delta Dart
101st FIS F-106A, serial 57-2506, in storage during October, 1988.
VC-8 Skywawk
TA-4J, BuNo 154618, as she appeared during June, 1977. She was a Fleet Composite Squadron 8 aircraft from NAS Roosevelt Roads, PR, until her arrival a year earlier.
Stored P-3s
Various Orions in storage during 1995.
F-104D previously of the 56th Tactical Fighter Group out of MacDill AFB, FL. Photo from 1980.
F-111A, serial 65-5709, seen during her first period of storage during October, 1972.
Oregon ANG Eagle
F-15A, serial 76-0105, soon after her arrival for storage. Note that she is already missing her left rudder. Photo from October, 1995.
52nd Fighter Group Voodoo
March, 1971, photo of F-101B, serial 56-0278, sitting next to a Canadian sister aircraft. She would be sent to a local salvage yard just over six years later.
Navy Albatross
HU-16C, BuNo 141262, as she appeared during mid-1972. She'd been a resident and in storage since 1967, last serving in the western Pacific with USS Currituck, AV-7, a seaplane tender.
Aerial View - 1997
A small section of the Center showing various versions of the C-130, two A-3s, two E-2s, four OV-1s, and three P-3 hulks.
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